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Best PPC Tools for Retail & eCommerce Businesses

PPC (Payperclick) tools for sale and e-commerce. They provide a balanced and measurable approach and have a high ROI. In addition, SMEs and large companies will benefit equally. With PPC strategies and advanced PPC tools suitable for retail and e-commerce businesses, you can take your product to the next level.

Purchasing behaviour has changed due to the rapid digitalization and emergence of e-commerce in recent years. In addition, the buyer’s journey has changed. Search engines and the social media platform play an important role in the decision-making phase of potential customers. Whether you consider different product options or compare prices, many online buyers begin their journey with a survey.

 In other words, marketing activities also start from the acquisition phase and direct search engines and the social media platform. Paid search advertising greatly enhances brand online awareness and brings organic traffic to potential buyers.

What is PPC for sale?

PPC campaigns are important in the retail industry as they create communication between businesses and customers and increase online sales. These are paid promotions on search engine results pages (SERPs) or social media sites, depending on the list of keywords you provide. You can direct your visitors to your website or specific landing page and pay with each click of your ad. With the right strategies, PPC marketing tools can work amazingly well in the retail business.

PPC advertising helps store brands attract professional leads. These people are already looking for keywords related to the product or service or business offered by the product. This means they are ready to slow down the process of achieving sales goals.

These people often click on ads to shop on redirected websites. Cheap, you get results quickly, and you can change it quickly if you like.

What is e-commerce PPC?

In online marketing, PPC helps promote corporate online stores and products through text-based advertising or PPC displays. You can start a PPC advertising campaign using an advertising platform on a social network such as Facebook or Instagram, or a search engine like Google. In any case, directly target your customer’s personality and demographic characteristics, and your sales will grow exponentially. With

 PPC campaign, your e-commerce business can get instant results with a tight budget. Well, you pay per click. This means that you are only spending money on the number of results your ad campaign produces. Even if this can be shown in CTR or sales, e-commerce models will receive a lot of exposure. In this way, you create product awareness among people you have never met.

The best PPC tool for business marketing and e-commerce.

There are many variables to consider when creating a PPC campaign.

What market are you in?

How much is your product portfolio and how often do you change and update it?

What are the purposes of campaign?

What do you need to focus on in order to achieve them?

How many automatic processes?

Which area can be worked alone and which area needs support?

Fortunately, there is a variety of PPC tools to choose from for your retail and e-commerce business. It also simplifies the whole process. PPC tools provide solutions ranging from campaign design, ad copying, keyword and default strategy URL, campaign development, to data extraction, processing, and reporting performance tracking and evaluation.

In particular, if you plan to create long-term campaigns that require repetitive tasks and want to monitor and measure ad performance, we recommend using the PPC tool.

This is the perfect PPC tool for your retail and e-commerce business. This is discussed in more detail in this article:





For marketing and e-commerce, Channable is a great PPC tool for managing your PPC campaigns and tracking your ad performance. Channable assists companies and agencies to create, develop, and optimize product data feeds and send you to more than 2,500 advertising platforms, metasearch search engines, markets, and our partner companies since 2014.

Source: Channable International Companies such as Samsung, Deloitte, Vodafone, Philips and Intersport are one of more than 5,000 companies turning to PPC marketing and e-commerce tools. With just one tool, you can create Microsoft advertising campaigns with Google ads using built-in feed templates. Its compatible integration skills make i

Channable is especially suitable for sales and e-commerce companies looking for PPC manager tools. With PPC marketing tools, you can:

Managing Availability in Different Markets

Automatically Update Product Display Create flexible ads based on your product feed and automatically adjust as your inventory changes Sync order data from various markets directly with your online store using the API connection Use professional Insights & Analytics resources to customize products and campaigns

How to Channable Can Help PPC Marketing and E-Commerce Campaigns?

You can generate search, display, and marketing campaigns for Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising. These are updated automatically based on your product feed.

Do you find it difficult to create a Google Ads campaign for all your comprehensive products?

A built-in copy generator and PPC management tools cover Channable. You can customize it with a keyword and URL search. The If then rule creation feature helps you customize and define the scope of your campaign and helps you create targeted and effective paid ads. By using PPC tools for

 For e-commerce, customers have been able to earn a 25% higher ROAS (Advertising Cost Performance). It also saves users time by creating an automated ad-creation process for high-end e-commerce businesses.


Whatagraph is a very useful PPC tool for e-commerce and marketing. Create automated reports and save your daily Google Analytics views. This is a one-stop shop for monitoring, evaluating, and reviewing the performance of your digital marketing campaigns.

This tool can be easily integrated with more than 40 platforms from Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and Google Analytics to Semrush, Shopify, Google AdManager, TikTok Ads and WooCommerce. Combine marketing data across all channels in one place to update multiple channel performance. This allows you to see the channel with the highest ROI, even when comparing and updating device performance. This allows you to direct the most effective ad structures and forums.

Whatagraph Monitoring Overview How graph supports e-commerce advertising and PPC marketing? Whatagraph’s PPC reporting tools provide complete performance reports that are easy for anyone to read. You can extract data from multiple channels and track the KPIs of all your PPC ads in one place. You can also integrate reports with Google Analytics as well as Facebook performance data, as well as Google Spreadsheets and public APIs to get custom data from any source.

All data is displayed as customizable message style and style as needed and automatically sent to your email. You can also view your data with various visual reporting options.


Oribi is PPC’s final marketing assistant, running successful advertising campaigns. This tool prides itself on bringing data-driven data and solutions to businesses of all sizes and industries. In this way, complex data analysis becomes easier to understand and translates into possible details.

Oribi If you run a retail or e-commerce business, you need to understand what drives your customers to buy your product in order to continue your growth.

How did you find out about your product?

What did he buy from you?

What content and version of your advertising campaign did you bring to your website?

Then, what statistics and interests do you have for your own domain?

Oribi allows you to track and compare a few campaigns. This allows you to check the related performance level of each channel you use for marketing. This tool highlights sales development actions and areas that need to be improved in order to grow sales. You can also track your customers ‘travels and use the email integration feature to create email campaigns based on your clients’ trips.

Oribi extracts and analyses performance data and displays it in attractive and possible reports. You can customize the styles, structures, and data you combine. Additionally, this tool shares automatic reports whenever you need it.

Final thoughts on PPC e-commerce tools this article describes the best PPC tools for the retail and e-commerce business. Of course, the final decision depends on your needs and business goals. I hope this helps. It helps you to choose the perfect PPC management tool and the default tool. Check out the full list of working tools and digital marketing tools.

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